Wonderfully Weird

Some people do not like weirdness. Anything that is very different from what they are used to gets labelled as weird and negatively so.

I think that a lot of weirdness is something to enjoy. I follow a Japanese Website SoraNews24. (One of the weird things about it is that it was formerly called “RocketNews24”, but they have not gotten around to changing their URL.)

They write about interesting things in Japan. There are a lot of things in Japan that are weird. Both potato chips and Kat Kit have lots of flavours that do not make it over here. Matcha (green tea) gets added to so many things. And more.

Far from feeling that it is horrible, I feel like I am missing out horribly.

What else am I missing out on, because I decided to avoid something weird?

How about you? What is something unusual that you have tried and ended up liking?