Unintended Side Effects

Policies can have unexpected side effects.

Canada has a job grant system to help younger people get jobs. The government will pay one-half of the wage for younger people (up to 29 or 30 years old) for several months. The intent of this program is help younger people break into their field.

Unfortunately, this has some nasty side effects.

The most obvious one is that when this program is used by an employer, it locks out older people from even applying to the jobs. At 55, I do not qualify under this program, and I have missed out on several jobs merely because of my age. With there not being very many jobs open in my field in Kamloops, this is very cruel for me.

Secondly, newer companies tend to use this. Such companies tend to be more on the leading edge with new things. Hey, I want to do those sorts of things, too!

I should not be getting shut out of innovative jobs such as at http://hummingbirddrones.ca/. What a great idea to use drones to detect forest fires! (I do not blame the company for taking advantage of the grant. What I do not like is the unfair effect on me.)

Thirdly, if the company does make it, they might make the job permanent. The person that was hired under the grant is likely to get the position. We older people are unlikely to get a chance at the job.

We older people like good jobs, too.