Unexpected Ghettos

Sometimes, we limit our intereactions with others without even realising it. We create ghettos for ourselves.

In 2003, I had a co-operative education job in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Frequently, after work, I would stop at a Chinese restaurant and pick up some juicy buns. It was as close as I could get to the type of buns I had enjoyed when I was in China the year before. The restaurant was not in a secluded place; it was right across the street from the main bus exchange for Richmond. And yet, and yet, in all the times I went there, I only once saw another non-Chinese customer. He was with a party of about eight Chinese.

I have lived in Kamloops, British Columba, Canada for about ten years, and there are many places that I have not been to. Sometimes, tourists see neat things that the locals never bother with. I have yet to go to the museum. Why I never have, I do not know.

What might you be missing out because you just never go there for whatever reason?