Unexpected Answers

Many Websites give bogus answers in preference to giving an error message or asking for disambiguation. Google Maps has gotten better over the years, but still does this at times.

I recently wanted to know where the city of Ontario, California is. I typed in “Ontario, CA” and got the Canadian province. I had to append “, USA” to get the U.S. city to see what I wanted.

I did not get asked to clarify, but at least Google Maps did list both in its top five list. I have sometimes been unable to find a community in some countries where community names are often repeated.

Try looking for Springfield if you do not know which state it is in. You can not get a full list on Google Maps, because there are so many. (Most U.S. states have a Springfield.)

If you specify “Paris, UK”, Google Maps will serve you Paris, France with no indication of an error.

As a parting shot, did you know that New York is in the U.K.? It is just northwest of Boston.