The Word’s the Thing

Words can be weird sometimes. Take “cellphone”. When I was in China in 2002, the term that I heard was “mobile phone”. That term sure makes a lot more sense to me. It is descriptive of its use. The underlying technology is irrelevant, and if it changed tomorrow, people would still call them cellphones. You know they would.

But since I do not have a cellphone, it is not my ox that is being gored. Here is my ox:

One of my pet peeves that I think should really get corrected is the word “comic”. I read a lot of, ugh, comics. Many of them are not comical, or it is not the main feature of them.

I have tried using the word “Webstory” instead of “Webcomic”, but that is not entirely satisfactory.

What do you think would be a good word for a story that is told mainly with pictures? Whether it is a long-term story or a series of independent items, whether it is comical or not, whether it is on the Web or on paper, what is a good term for it all?