3 thoughts on “The Value of Statistics?

  1. The Crunger

    I guess I can’t.

    * I see no conflict in Alexa ranking their own website, so long as they apply consistent criteria to data collected even-handedly. Google has to pagerank its own pages, and those of its partners, with litigation as a check against any “thumbs on the scales”.

    * Also, I see no conflict in Alexa having a better “worldwide” ranking than a ranking in their own country, since these are based upon different pools of traffic. Sites that are quite popular in their own country may do much more poorly worldwide, while sites that get most traffic from out-of-country might not rank so well in their own home country … as is the case with Alexa itself.

    1. Gene Wirchenko Post author

      Well, I would read “worldwide” as including all sites in the world and “U.S.” as only U.S. sites. If they are 1,764th in the world, where are the sites that push them down to 2,389th in the U.S.A.? Are those additional sites not in the world?

      If they are using different pools of traffic, what are those pools? Where is this stated?

      1. The Crunger

        I think a look at Alexa’s rank for India would make it clear. http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/IN

        Google (india) gets the most Indian traffic, where as regular Google.com is #2 in India. Yet, Google.com gets more world-wide traffic than any site — perhaps 1000s of times more than the site that “beat” them looking at the restricted pool of Indian traffic.

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