The Last Standard is Dead?

There are a lot of standards. There are also a lot of jokes about there being a lot of standards.

Some standards are dead ducks.

I noticed this back in the early 1980s with CP/M.

CP/M was the most-commonly-used operating system at the time. The version commonly-used was version 2.2. CP/M worked reasonably well, but there were some things that I wished for. Digital Research did release a version 3.0 of CP/M, but it was not used much. CP/M 3.0 had some very nice features, but the days of 8-bit CPUs for general use was coming to an end. Few bothered with it.

CP/M 3.0 would have been a nicer environment to work with, but it never happened for me.

When you finally get everything settled on a standard, the standard may no longer be needed or of interest to very many people.