The Importance of Good Rules

Many times, people do not know how to handle a situation. Many times, it is because they do not know the rules or do not have any rules.

I was recently playing a game with a friend of Smash Up by Alderac Entertainment Group. We were having a good time. It is a great game. Unfortunately, we came across a case that we did not know how to handle. The rules did not seem to cover it.

I have since found out that the rules do cover it, but at the time, we did not know how to handle the case, and it was frustrating.

An example in a larger sphere is meetings. Some people do not like meetings, because they do not know how to handle them. The basics of Robert’s Rules of Order are not complicated, nor are a few basic rules of organisation for meetings. If you do not know the rules though, you may have very unproductive meetings. Here are some of the rules for meetings:

A meeting is not for doing things; it is for making decisions and monitoring the results of implementing the decisions. In and of itself, a meeting is of little value.

A meeting must have a purpose. If the purpose of the meeting is to discuss marketing plans, discussing office furniture purchases is off-purpose.

A meeting must have an agenda. Without a plan of what will be discussed, it is all too easy to go off-course and waste time. Attendees should know, in advance, what is going to be discussed, and should have the opportunity to research the issues.

A meeting should have only the attendees required for making the decisions. People who are affected by the decisions can be informed of the decisions after they are made. Concerns that they may have can be addressed through the research the attendees do before the meeting.

Unfortunately, there are some who will try to derail meetings or who look upon them as time off. Therefore, the above and any other rules must be enforced.

You may disagree with some of the details, but can you really see a meeting working without a set of rules?

Good rules are important to getting good results.