The Downside of Fanboyism

You just bought a SomeThing by Thingmaker and are very happy with your purchase. I am happy for you if you will quit trying to evangelise to me and more importantly, quit disrepecting me for my different choice.

I understand that you think that your choice is perfect for you. That does not make it perfect for me!

Should I point out failings in the SomeThing from my perspective, it would be nice if you would not attack me.

If I ask a question and have a bit of data wrong about the SomeThing, it would be nice you would not attack me.

I have seen both happen all too often in discussions.

Your needs and my needs may be very different. Please respect that.

If I do not know much about the SomeThing, please understand that I may well have gotten a detail wrong but not out of malice. Attacking me is rather counterproductive.

Due to fanboyism, many people will not switch. How can they when they are often attacked for asking their questions? That does not get them the data they need to make a good choice.

I am unlikely to ever go Apple because of this. Others will not try other products for similar reasons.

If you attack people for not using your product of choice, you are rude and you are not encouraging anyone to take up your side.

Please think about it the next time that you are considering flaming someone over product choice. Thank you.