Sideswiping Oneself

Sometimes, you just “know” that things are a certain way. And they turn out not to be. You might never find this out, because you did not check.

I had an example of this almost happen to me just recently. I was up in Grande Prairie, Alberta. When I am out of town, I like to check out the local game stores. I did a cursory check on Saturday, but did not see anything near the hotel I was staying at. Monday, I wanted a slushy. I already knew that the local Esso did not sell them and found out that the Petro-Canada did not either. I asked where a 7-11 was. It turned out it was 24 blocks away. I almost did not go. When I got most of the way there, I found another convenience store that does sell slushies. I wanted a BIG one, and the biggest size was not that big. (I thought that if I was going to walk all that way, I was getting a BIG one.) I continued walking downtown.

And saw a game store. It turned out that within one block, there were three game stores and a game cafe. I spent time checking them out. It turns out that Gande Prairie has a very active gaming community. A relocatee from Edmonton (Alberta’s capital) said that Grande Prairie has a better gaming community than Edmonton.

As it was around 5 P.M., I also thought that they would be closing soon. It turns out that the game stores are open late every weeknight, and the game cafe is open until midnight. I am used to game stores closing at 5:30 or 6:00 most days.

And to think that if I had not been so pushy about getting that slushy, I never would have walked downtown. And if I had not decided to check anyway despite the hour, I never would have known about some excellent stores.