Ripoff by Budget Car and Truck Rental

I have dealt with Budget Car and Truck Rental for several years. That has now come to an end as, recently, I was ripped off by them.

I wanted to rent a van. I made the reservation on the phone with their central reservation office. I asked what the price would be after selecting my options and got a number. I thought it a bit dear, but I could see how it was reasonable.

I was very unpleasantly surprised when I got my credit card bill. The charge for the van rental was about $100 more than the amount I had been told.

I called to complain about this and was given excuses. I had not been given a figure including insurance, and, of course, I had signed the papers. I had been dealing with Budget for years and was not expecting to get ripped off. The more fool me.

The point was made repeatedly that I had signed. Beware of people who insist on the letter of the law.

I was offered a compromise of being ripped off for only one-half of $100. I declined. I asked to have the manager call me; no such call ever happened.

I ended up paying, because it was less trouble that way. I would have had to file a police report, and there still would be no guarantee that I would not have to pay.

Enjoy your $100, Budget. I hope you lose thousands from this blog entry.