Puzzle #89 Solution: Reading Binge

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2 thoughts on “Puzzle #89 Solution: Reading Binge

  1. Tanja Beeds

    Doesn’t this solution imply that she is re-reading the strips she read when she first discovered the comic on her “lazy weekend”?

    1. Gene Wirchenko Post author

      Thank you for reading.

      The answer to your question is yes.

      Susan read some of the then-current content; decided to read it all; read the first 247 strips; and then, over a period of months, caught up.

      Given that many Webstories have long-running conventions and background, it makes sense that she would reread the strips that she first read. In the past year or so, I read three, long Webstories that way:

      _Misfile_, < http://www.misfile.com/>, still running with the 11th anniversary of first strip tomorrow
      _West of Bathurst_ <
      http://westofbathurst.com/>, finished after 7-1/2 years
      _Dominic Deegan_, <
      http://www.dominic-deegan.com>, finished after 11 years and 3 days)

      For each story, you bet I reread the first strips I read when I got to them again!

      I have some strips that I used to read and, if I get back to them, I will use the same approach.

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