Public Transit Planning

Do you ride public transit? Do you know any public transit planners who do?

Some of the routes and timings that I have seen over the years are truly boggling. I have sometimes said that a public transit planner should be required to give up his driver’s licence as a condition of holding the position. That way, he might have to actually ride the system he designs. However, he would probably find another way around it.

A common route model for a city is the star. Routes run from the edge/suburbs to and from the center. If you wish to get to an adjacent suburb, you have to go all the way in and back out.

Routes that start late and end early can be frustrating. The earliest that I can get to work by public transit is about 8 AM. My shift supposedly starts at 7:30.

Transfer timings can be bad. I once hopped on a bus in a hurry. While I was riding downtown, I checked the schedule to see when my connecting bus would leave the loop. Unfortunately, three minutes before the bus I was on was scheduled to arrive or twenty minutes after.

It is not all bad, but as bus trips tend to be rather longer than car, any additional issues tend to make it quite a bit longer. Next week, I will cover some of the points of the other side.