Promote! Promote! Promote!

I attended a small gaming convention in Kamloops this last weekend. I had a pretty time, but the con was smaller than it ought to have been. There was not enough promotion.

I found out about it because of a poster. The poster had the place and dates. It did not have the time, the cost, or a contact for further details.

A lack of promotion is one way to cut the legs out from under an event. A member of the general public is unlikely to stumble into your event by chance. If he knows about it, he might attend. If not, he almost certainly will not since there are a lot of other things he could be doing that he already knows about.

Many times, people get into an us vs. them mentality. People can too easily cop an attitude that their group is special and make others subtly unwelcome. The very fact that someone else does not know about the group’s event can be used against others. Someone not in your group might not know about your group’s event, but would be interested if only he knew about it.

Point-of-view is also an issue. Why should the group have to say anything about the event as the members already know about it? But you are in on your group’s plans. Non-members are unlikely to know. Make sure that they do.

There are a lot of messages out there. If you do not communicate, others will not know. Promote, promote, and then promote some more. Then, you stand a chance of attracting others to your event and new members to your group.