Point of View and Communication

Too many times, I have seen communication that just does not work out. One way for communication to fail in this way is for the person communicating to not consider point of view.

An example of this is the Odd Language post for this week: http://genew.ca/2015/06/10/odd-language-104-next-saturday. Which Saturday? The person who prepared the poster probably did not think past the “next Saturday” that was when prepared the poster.

I have also read computer documentation that pretty much assumed that the person already knew the material. I was installing a program recently, and because of little details left out, it took a lot longer to install than it should have. I also had to do some trial and error before I finally got it to work.

If you have something to communicate, it is because others do not already know it. If they already know it, there is little need to communicate. Please consider the point of view of someone who does not already know what you are going to communicate.