Over There and Over Here Are Rather Close

I recently read an article about Chinese New Year (next one: Thursday, February 19, 2015). The article (http://www.itbusiness.ca/blog/how-chinese-new-year-can-impact-your-import-business/53676) mentions how the Chinese take off a couple weeks and how that can affect businesses over here.

It is worth considering that not everyone has the same holidays (or other things, for that matter). Living in Canada and doing some work for a U.S. company, I occasionally get caught calling down on a day that is U.S. holiday but an ordinary working day in Canada.

And it is not that simple either. Four Canadian provinces have a statutory holiday in February called Family Day. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario have theirs on the third Monday in February. British Columbia’s is on the second Monday in February.

Some holidays apply to federal employees in Canada but not to most others. Easter Monday is an example of this.

Occasionally, I have seen a question in programming forums about how to create a table of holidays for determining business days. Holidays are just another area where human systems are messy.

Have fun with your holiday mess! Just remember that I might not have the same mess.