Other People’s Opinions

I am an avid reader. I buy books from a nearby (Kamloops, BC) used bookstore, Andrena’s Book Company.

I have been dealing with ABC for years. The owner, Andrena, knows my tastes and sometimes recommends books. Are her recommendations good? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Her understanding of my taste is different than mine is. If she totally matched my understanding of my taste, she would not misrecommend. On the other hand, because she does not totally match, she recommends books that I might not have looked at.

Because of her recommendations, I become aware of books that I might not have found out about otherwise. I recently purchased a trilogy, Legends of the Duskwalker by Jay Posey on her recommendation. I have not read enough of it yet to have an opinion, but so far, so good.

I have bought other books on her recommendation.

I think that this makes a good argument for listening to other people’s politely-stated views. Too often, people get caught up in their own opinions and forget that other opinions do not have to be enemy views.

What have you learned from someone else today?