Odd Language #74: Odd Line Breaks

One of L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s book has “fairyland” hyphenated as “fair-/yland”. (“/” indicates the line break.)

In his novel “Flash”, “maglev” is hyphenated (pp. 103 & 126) as “ma-/glev”.

The issue: Seeing one’s language from an unusual angle. Seeing a line starting with “yland” was a bit startling. It looks somewhat Celtic. “ma-glev” was less startling but notable.

And there is another (at least, on my system): “notable” being hyphenated as “no-table”. I pronounce the word like “note able”, not “no table”.

It reminds me of the joke of a foreign student not understanding why “man’s laughter” is a crime and then being informed that the word is “manslaughter”.