Odd Language #6: Ungrammatical But Useful

Occasionally, an ungrammatical expression is very useful for making a point succinctly.

S.M. Stirling’s Conquistador has an example of this. (Conquistador is set in our world and an alternative world discovered in 1946 by an ex-soldier. An excellent read and reread. Published by Penguin, ISBN: 0-451-45933-4.  Copyright © Steven M. Stirling, 2003.)

On page 296:

“Not bad,” Tom said, putting his mug down. “Well hopped, and a nice sharp taste … some local microbrewery?’

“We brew it ourselves,” Ralph said.

I brew it ourselves,” Henry said, and offered his hand.

The issue: “I brew it ourselves” is ungrammatical, but it very efficiently makes the point, “We brew it ourselves, and I am the one who does the brewing.”