Odd Language #49: Humbled

Two quotations from The Ecologic Secession by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.:

“. . . use of EMP as a detonating mechanism during HUM-
BLEPIE (see Halston ‘accident’) . . .
–p. 77
“That’s odd. He was the one who handled the Halston HUM-
BLEPIE operation. I would have thought–“
–p. 247

I have deliberately preserved the line breaks.

The issue: For years, I read the capitalised word as “hum-bleh-pee”. I was recently rereading this book, and it occurred to me that the pronunciation should be “humble pie”. Because of the hyphenation, I got fooled.

Modesitt is one of my favourite authors. He writes both science fiction and fantasy. His world building is excellent.