Not the Big Time

No, I have not made the big time yet.

I recently received one of those calls. After the initial hellos, it went about like this:
Caller: “I’m calling you from Windows technical department.” (That wording and in an Indian accent.)
Me: “Wow! I’ve finally received one of these scam calls. Bye bye.”
and I hung up.

Microsoft does not make calls like this. It is a scam to get you to put malware on your computer. Can you hang up as quickly as I did? You should.

2 thoughts on “Not the Big Time

  1. Jude

    Me: Wow, thanks for calling! I sure could use your help. You see I’m use Linux-based OS and various GNU and shareware software and every time I try to open Microsoft’s IE, I get a message saying it’s not installed. Perhaps you could explain why for me?

    Seriously, it’s as ridiculous as the cheap Viagra or hot Russian babe’s offers I occasionally get. Seems they havent figured out yet that I’m a female.

    If I didn’t sign up for any notifications and I get something emailed to me, I immediately delete it. As for phone calls, the numbers of all my friends and every business I’ve ever dealt with are listed in my cell phone’s contacts (no landlines). If my phone rings and a name doesn’t show, it doesn’t get answered.

    1. Gene Wirchenko Post author

      I had to read that first paragraph a second time before I caught on.

      My mom had a male Chinese herbalist named Jude.

      If you would answer the phone, it would help with paragraph 2. Of course, you will not. (I have never seen the word “curmudgeon” used to describe a female, but a quick check at reveals that it is not just for males. Enjoy!)

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