More Promotion

Last week, I wrote of attending a small gaming convention in Kamloops that did not promote much. There was another one this last weekend. This one did better at promotion.

It was mainly a wargaming convention. There are wargamers who travel to gaming conventions. The con organisers were very good at promoting to those people. One attendee came from Edmonton, AB. That is about 500 miles away.

They did not promote much to the general public. They did get some newspaper coverage in the week before, but that was about it. As a result, few, if any, members of the general public attended.

I ran boardgame demos in a room with others who were demoing Infinity (a tactical wargame) and Mutant Epoch (a roleplaying game set in the future). Mutant Epoch is written by Will McAusland of Kamloops. (URL: I played both games myself and had a great time.

I did get to meet some people I had not met before, but I would have liked to have been able to introduce some gaming newbies to some of the wonderful board games I have.

Kamloops, being a city of about 90,000, has a lot of things to do. In order to be noticed, you have to promote broadly and often. Get your message out there and often.