More on Promotion

Last year, I wrote Promote! Promote! Promote! and covered the necessity of promotion. I just had my nose rubbed in this again.

Last Friday, Thompson Rivers University had their Welcome Back event. Clubs and other groups were promoting themselves. There were also free hamburgers and hot dogs, and there was loud music.

As a result of this, I became aware of three points of promotional failure:

1) It turns out that there is now a gamers club. Great! Apparently, it had existed in previous years. I never knew. Oops!

2) This year’s promotion sheet that the club was handing out had few contacts and no details as to locations and time of day. There were two contacts listed. The first was Facebook. I have never used Facebook because of concerns about security of my data. I reluctantly tried to set up a Facebook account only to be told that I did not have cookies enabled. Unfortunately, I did. Not being able to set up an account, I could not get into the walled garden. The other point of contact was an E-mail address, but my two E-mails got no response. I ended up guessing where they might meet and was fortunately correct.

3) I had a great time. Towards the end of the evening, I asked if the people there would be attending the Attack-X gaming convention this weekend. It will be held in the same building where we started gaming that evening. They had not heard of it! I said when and where and gave some details.

Promotion is all-too-easily forgotten or done minimally. Do not let that happen to you and your event.