More on Not Finding Things

Last week, I wrote Indexing and Finding (or Not Losing) Stuff.

Google Maps will suggest locations based on part of what you type. Unfortunately, it is not complete.

When I encounter the name of a community unknown to me, I often like to find out where it is. Sometimes, a community name can be used many times. For example, The Simpsons is set in Springfield, state unspecified. There is a Springfield in many U.S. states. Try finding them all using Google Maps. You are only going to get some of them.

I follow RocketNews24 which is a fun Japanese news site. Sometimes, they give a community name, but do not state which prefecture it is in. There are 47 prefectures.

Google Maps could be better about this. Sometimes, I have figured out the piece in the middle after doing some other searching. I then find that Google Maps does know about the community. So why did it not present it before?

What you can not see is effectively not there.