Losing Beginner Perspective

I am trying to learn Japanese. I am not that good at learning languages, but I am trying anyway. I like to stretch my mind. And who knows? Maybe, the horse will sing.

A Japanese-language forum that I participate in is filled with people who seem to have lost perspective of what it is like when one starts.

I made one post where I put in as much Japanese as I could. I got lambasted for it. Apparently, doing what I did will not help me. Really? I figured that I was using what I knew as best I could. Apparently, my view is heresy.

If you are dealing with people who are starting in an area that you are familiar with, please remember that people who are starting do not know much yet. Something that is trivial for you is not trivial for them yet.

The Japanese word for the Japanese language is “にほんご” in Hiragana, “ニホンゴ” in Katakana, and “日本語” in Kanji. I am curious as to what WordPress is going to do with it and what your browser is going to do with it. Please E-mail me, and let me know.