Kari Maaren Rules!

I recently discovered a wonderful comic strip: “West of Bathurst”. (The title is explained in one of the early strips.) It is set in Toronto at an imaginary university (Davies) which just happens to be located where a real uni is. WoB has slice-of-life elements. It also has weird bits. They combine rather well. I read through the seven years of archive and had a great time.

Well, I should say “was”, because WoB concluded last month.

But all is not lost.

Kari Maaren wrote/drew WoB. She has started a new strip called “It Never Rains”. In the Monday strip comment, Kari wrote that INR is in its second fortnight. (“second fortnight” beats “third week”.) Kari, having a Ph.D. in English, is an English geek. Yum!

But that is not all. Her Website warns “Kari Maaren writes geeky songs and draws geeky comics. She has sworn to use her ukulele only for good.” The first is true; whether she hews to the second is debatable.

My favourite is “Everybody Hates Elves”. For being a bunch of slackers, elves get awfully good press. Kari adjusts this. She expresses the snooty tones excellently. Beware of the kazoo/ukulele bridge.

“Kids These Days” is about an older vampire who just does not get the sparkly vampire bit.

“That’s Fear” is a nice tone piece. I like the twist at the end.

For a different kind of Christmas song, try “I Remember the Entrails”. (This one is not on her Website, but is in the Youtube collection she has posted.)

And there are way more.

Kari’s Website is http://karimaaren.com/.

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