Kamloops Municipal By-Elections Results

“It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.”—Unknown

Well, the results of the by-elections I wrote about last week are in. The candidates I voted for did fairly well relatively speaking.

I voted for Bill McQuarrie for mayor. He placed second with 2,661 votes (18.34% of the votes). The winner was Ken Christian with 9,274 votes (63.91% of the votes). The other candidates all got fewer than 1,000 votes each.

I voted for Ray Dhaliwal and Bill Sarai for councillors. The winners were Kathy Sinclair with 3,421 votes (12.29% of the votes) and Ray Dhaliwal with 3,292 votes (11.83% of the votes). Bill Sarai placed fifth with 2,182 votes (7.84% of the votes). If the percentages look low, remember that there were 21 candidates for two positions. There was no big gap as in the mayoral race; the numbers just gradually become less as you go down the list.

With the number of candidates, I wonder how badly the vote got split. Over time, first past the post voting tends to reduce the number of candidates to two. For an excellent explanation of this, watch
The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained by C.G.P. Grey
. He also has other videos on other voting systems (and other subjects, too).

(The election results come from Kamloops This Week which is Kamloops’s newspaper.)