Just Like Mine

You have your computer configured the way you want it. It makes sense to you to have it that way.

Of course, it would make sense for others to do it that way.

Well, maybe not.

Not everyone has the same needs or aesthetic considerations as you do. There is no one true way to use a computer.

An example of this is Web pages. Some are very difficult to read, because the text is too small, or the foreground and background colours do not contrast enough, or, or, or. They may be fine for the person who set them up, but they may be difficult to use by others.

It can be as simple as the page width. One site that I follow has a heading intended for a system with a higher resolution. Every time that I want to log off, I have to scroll right to get to the log off button. There is plenty of room to the left where the button could be put. And I think of this irritation every time I log off.

What additional, maybe unintended message, are you sending with your communication?