*ing in a Winter Blunderland

(For “*”, read “walking”, “driving”, or whatever other things you have to do in the bad waether.)

For me, Monday had interesting weather in the Chinese curse sense.

One of my co-workers was turning over a company vehicle to me. The apartment complex I live in is on a somewhat steep hill. The entrance is at the top. My apartment is at the bottom. He came down, and got stuck in freshly-fallen snow. (Yes, the maintenance people are very good about plowing, but first, the snow has to fall. It was doing a very good job of that, too.) It was a bit of an adventure getting him out.

While doing so, other vehicles got in the way. He said that he initially got stuck because of another vehicle cutting him off. At one point, while we were trying backing up, a man and child came walking by and did not even move aside out of the way.

I saw a few other cases that day of people just not paying attention to the winter conditions.

Hey, folks! Not allowing for winter conditions can cause accidents. Please take care.