Indexing and Finding (or Not Losing) Stuff

If you do not know where something is or how to find out where it is, it can be lost forever.

Consider a song that you know a line or two of but not the artist or title. With the Web, you have a chance of finding it if someone has written up the lyrics. Without the Web, it would be much harder.

There is a game on the Armor Games Website that I would like to play again. It involves controlling a tank to solve logical problems. Armor Games does not have a very good lookup system. It only accepts one word and that a title word. This particular game, whatever it is called, does not have “tank” in the title. I am out of luck unless I run through hundreds or thousands of game titles. The game is effectively lost to me unless I want to go to quite a bit of effort.

If you are indexing your Website, please consider a more sophisticated model than just one keyword from the title. The description for that tank game might well have “tank” in it or something else that I could use to find it.