I like seeing things improve. Most people do. Unfortunately, in this hyped-up world, disruptive change is the rage. The latest technology is supposedly going to solve all of your problems. It rarely does anything of the sort.

Too many times, it is forgotten that many small things can make a big difference. Just because a company has gotten a sophisticated client management software package does not mean that the company should forget more mundane activities like making sure that the customer’s packages are securely packed and delivered on time.

Take a look at any complex activity that you are involved in. If you know it well, there are probably many things that could do with a bit of adjusting and you know it. A tweak here and a tweak there can result in a big difference.

I do inventory counting part-time. The scanners that we use have complex software. Over the last several months, I have been making notes on deficiencies that I see from my perspective as a user of the scanners. Few of these changes are very big, but combined, they could help make using the scanners more efficient.

What can you do in your area?