Happy Birthday to Blog and Sticking to It

My blog is now a year old (less a day). I used to respect people who could keep producing articles, comics, and other creative work on a regular basis. Now that I am doing it to a small degree, I really respect them. It is sometimes very easy, but sometimes, it is very hard indeed.

I think that too many people focus on the immediate and do not think of the effect of something done regularly over and over. These things, while they are often not flashy, have a long term effect.

Examples: 1) Someone volunteers to read to children at a library and does so for many years. 2) Someone serves on a local government council for years. Such a person can have a wealth of knowledge of how to deal with different levels of government. 3) A recent example that I saw was someone announcing that he had just written his five thousandth paid review.

My favourite example is the late Dr. Jim Totten of Thompson Rivers University running a math puzzle contest for 28 years. I took over from him. It was my honing my math skills in this contest that led to me deciding to minor in mathematics on my computing science degree.

Who do you know who has done something for the long run? What positive effects has it had for you?