Handling Snow

A few weeks back, I was in Grande Prairie, Alberta on inventory counts. I drove up and back.

Before the trip, I was being a bit of a snow wussie. (That is what I call someone who worries too much about the snow.) It turns out that I did have cause to worry a bit, but not where I expected.

I thought that the North (where I saw highway signs indicating Alaska via the west highway) might give me some trouble. HA! They banish the snow from the roads. The roads were wonderfully clear and a pleasure to drive.

This lasted until about 10-20 km north of Williams Lake where suddenly, the roads were not cleared bare. From there to Cache Creek, most of the time, the highway had snow on it. (This was not just-fallen snow.) It was actually more trouble driving in the South.

Somewhere south of Williams Lake, we passed emergency vehicles where a vehicle that had gone off the road had somehow flipped over. Shortly before we reached the accident scene, we were passed by a vehicle going very fast. The accident happened near where a nasty accident had happened in the summer.

We could stand to have drivers showing more respect for the weather and road conditions.

If you respect hazards and give them appropriate consideration, you can often deal with them quite effectively. I have always worried a bit about driving in the winter, and before my trip to Grande Prairie, my winter driving had always been in southern B.C. It turns out that there is a connection!

We could also stand to have the road maintenance people dealing with snow more effectively.