Summer in Kamloops, unfortunately, includes forest fires. Every so often, it gets rather bad. The smoke smell is obvious, and visibility is rather low. That is just the surface.

Kamloops This Week had several articles on the situation in its Tuesday, July 11, 2017 issue. Many of these articles are available on their Website.

From KTW: “Historically … 40 per cent of fires are human-caused each wildfire season.” The local towns of Ashcroft and Cache Creek have been evacuated due to fire. The front page story was about a trailer park being all but destroyed by a wildfire; just one home is left.

Even a tossed cigarette butt can start a fire when it hits dry grass. (Several years ago, I saw where a fire had started just off the Trans-Canada Highway. I suspect that a tossed cigarette butt was exactly what started this fire.) Operating some machinery – that creates sparks – can cause fires, too.

The Kamloops area is not the only area suffering. If you are in a dry area, please take care, extreme care.