Digital Pacifiers

From a newsgroup posting:

“He’s learned to use a cellphone to check email when he travels. So where’s the resistance to new tricks? He just doesn’t find that he needs to carry a laptop.

Just because marketing-fueled news tells you the latest fad that doesn’t mean you need to buy all of those latest gadgets. Does it really make
sense to catalogue how many steps you take in a day with a $300 watch? Why? Do you really need to check Facebook while crossing city streets? Why? Is it hip to walk into trees or get run over while tech-diddling?

There’s nothing clever or cutting edge about the general trend toward people never being where they are. It’s nothing more or less than a widespread addiction to high-tech pacifiers, for people too embar[r]assed to twiddle their thumbs and too restless to sit still. Ditto for college students writing papers on dorm room sofas or in Starbucks. They don’t do that because it’s a good way to work. They’re simply restless.” – anonymous (The poster declined to be identified/credited.)

When one of the Apple systems was released, a poster in one forum noted that he had had to write a best man’s speech and had written it on one of the new systems. He noted that it took about three to four times longer than it would have on a desktop system.

Just because you are busy using whatever device does not mean that you are getting useful work done or much of this done. You might just be frantic, or as the newsgroup poster noted, “simply restless”.