Convenience of Use of Tools

Tools are sometimes not nearly as convenient to use as they should be.

I have to deal with some back taxes and have to submit some supporting data. I could just scan it in and send the files. Right?

Unfortunately, setting up an account with Canada Revenue Agency is not that easy. I start off in restricted mode where I can not send files. Sending files is why I wanted to set up the account.

There is more. Apparently, even after getting full access, I have to send the files one at a time. I have about thirty files to send. No, they do not accept .zip files.

So I am having to print out my scans and mail the works. A bother to print out each file, and then, I ran out of printer ink. Being smart, I have a spare. At this point, I found that I had been sold the wrong cartridge, and not being so smart, I had not noticed at the time.

Should we have maybe stopped at fire and the wheel?