Consistency and Quality

Consistency is good. Quality is good. If you had to choose only one of them, which would you go with, and why?

I follow quite a few on-line comics (and stories). While I enjoy quality, sometimes, a comic updates irregularly. It can be a put-off when I check yet again and there is no update. On the other hand, one that is not quite so good, I can enjoy more. The latter case happens, because I can rely on the updates. If updates are supposed to be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday and rarely, if ever, are missed, I enjoy the story more than an excellent story that has not been updated for weeks.

Sometimes, I am inspired and have what I think is a fantastic blog topic. Other times, I barely manage to come up with something. I am on-time though.

Pick 1 or 2: 1) The pizza is not the greatest, but is always on time. 2) The pizza is excellent if you ever get it.

What do you think? Would you rather wait for perfection, or do you prefer a regular schedule? In which areas, do you prefer perfection, and in which areas, do you prefer a regular schedule?