Public grade K-12 teachers are on strike in British Columbia. The provincial government is holding firm despite twice losing in court. The premier sends her child to a private school.

This is starting to have ripple effects. An article in Kamloops This Week, “Strike Has Impact on Bottom Line”, 2014-09-12, pp A3 and A6 relates how some businesses have been affected. Some businesses are close to schools and do a lot of business with students and teachers.

It has affected me personally, because I applied to a Petro-Canada location which apparently has student employees. Since they are not going back to school, they are staying on, and this means no hours for me.

On the plus side, a local toystore is seeing some more business from parents looking for things for their kids to be doing. (This from the KTW article.)

I could do with less confrontation on a basic service.

Late Edit: I just noted one of the provincial newspapers stating that a deal has been reached and kids could be in school on Monday.