Conflation: The New Bigotry?

Conflation is running together two things that do not fit together.

Odd Language #120: Credit Risk vs. Bad Employee? gives the example of bad credit risk vs. bad employee and a law being passed to stop this.

There are people who are bad credit risks and bad employees, but are the two hand-in-hand? No.

Imagine someone who is laid off and who is unable to find work in his field because of a slowlabour market. Such a person might get behind on his payments and have his credit rating downgraded. Does this really make him a bad employee? I think it rather more likely that once he gets a job, he would catch up on his payments quickly.

Kicking someone while he is down is very cruel and inhumane. In this case, it is also bigoted.

When two things that do not belong together get connected like this, it is just another form of bigotry. There are many other pairs that get connected in this: women and so many traditionally male areas, older people and computers, and on and on.

Please speak out against this.