Computer Equipment Quitting

My inkjet printer just quit. It had been giving me trouble for months with blurred or absent text. I repeatedly tried the cleaning routine, and it would work sometimes but only for a short time. As a last try, I replaced all four of the ink cartridges. I printed a document, and it was perfect.

However, the next time I tried to print something, the printer did not recognise at least one of the ink cartridges and would not print!

It probably has something to do with printer manufacturers trying to force us to use only their cartridges. Epson now has a black mark in my book. And to think that back in the early 1980’s, I was one of the first people in British Columbia to own an Epson printer.

That 1980’s printer was a dot-matrix printer. I still use a dot-matrix printer for printing program listings. My Okidata dot-matrix printer gives very little trouble. I just have to feed it a cheap ribbon every so often.

I wish inkjet printers were as tough as dot-matrix printers. Does anyone have any recommendations?