Compassion Done Wrong

There has been an argument in Kamloops over homeless people. The police recently did a crackdown and recovered a number of stolen shopping carts. Store owners were probably rather glad to get back their property; the cost of a shopping cart has been stated in at least one article as being $800 each.

Some people have been justifying the thefts. Others do not like theft.

The letters column of Kamloops This Week has been rather active with people writing about the issue.

Recently, a letter was published wherein the author wrote an allegory. Some people were compared indirectly to rats.

There were reactions, strong reactions from the compassionate side. Unfortunately, the reactions were anything but compassionate. I decided that I had had enough and wrote a letter about this; it appeared in the Tuesday, October 24, 2017 issue.

I have seen this thing before. Someone does something that is disagreed with by the “compassionate people”. They attack, and oftentimes, their behaviour is worse (and can be much worse) than the original behaviour being disapproved of.

It is too easy to vent one’s spleen and lose one’s compassion.

We have sure seen this in Kamloops.