Christmas: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

It is Christmas Eve as I write this, and it will be released Christmas Day.

Frenetic Christmas behaviour has been around for quite a while. I remember it (and complaints about it) from my childhood, and I am 53.

When I was in elementary school, I sang in a choir. I used to like Christmas carols. I came to dislike them greatly when I kept getting bombarded with them in stores. (Note to retailers: I have walked out of stores when it got to be too much.)

For some reason, I have not run into much of that this year. I do not mind hearing them. These two statements are connected.

Eleven years ago, I was in China at Christmas. There were some Christmas displays and carols, but it was not so overdone. I rather liked it. One of my favourite moments in China was on Christmas Day when I was eating dinner in a university cafeteria. A student in a Santa hat was handing out candy. He looked to be having fun doing it and seemed to really enjoy handing me my piece. And yet it was such a simple action.

Christmas can be a great time to be with family, a great stress, or both. I hope your choice works for you. Happy Holidays!