Chez Gene: Fine^WNot Too Bad Food

As a programmer, my attention can sometimes be rather firmly on my work. Still, I like to eat from time to time, and cold food all the time is not good enough for me.

What sort of food do I cook? Food that does not require much attention to detail. (I save that for my programming!)

Hey, I could be busy working on a routine. That thing cooking will just have to wait a bit. It had better not be something time-sensitive. (I have not boiled a pot of water dry for years now though I confess I have done so a few times, and I have boiled pasta nearly dry a few times.)

I like pasta for this reason. The Italians have a term al dente which is the point to which pasta should be cooked. The wusses! I admit that really overcooking pasta makes it mushy (proven empircially, not just a notion!), but it can take a fair amount of abuse before it gets to that point. Either that, or I am a natural pasta whiz, but which do you really think?

Another thing I like is soup. I make a mean hamburger noodle soup. Again, a bit of overcooking is not a disaster.

I am eating fine though I am not expecting any Michelin stars any time soon. Just as well, the inspector would interrupt my work.