A company that I work for recently changed its name. I do not doubt that there were quite a few changes to be made to accommodate this: new signage, new letterhead, changes to promotional material, changes to names in bank accounts, and on. I got stung slightly on the bank account one, because on international transfers, the name gets checked and it must agree. Until they deal with this, my monthly payment will be delayed.

None of these changes are very big; it is the totality of it all that will get you. This is “Did I forget anything?” writ big.

So, how did the in-house client billing system that I support come out of this?

Quite well.

There were only a few places where hard-coding had to be replaced, and none of them were critical.

This is why, when writing a system, one should avoid hard-coding values that will supposedly never change. The company name had not changed in over twenty-five years, but that did not stop it from happening.

I was ready.

How will you do?