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The Not-Scam E-mail

How are you doing with keeping up with all of the minutiae of modern living?

My latest grade is a D.

I received a failed billing E-mail. I was inclined to think it probably a typical scam.

It wasn’t.

My domain’s registration had expired. I found out when I went to prepare this week’s posts: my blog was not there. This led to a frantic phone call to reregister and then many browser refreshes until it came back.

There are a lot of scams out there, but every so often, the notice is actually valid. Unfortunately, this was a surprise.

I hope I have not forgotten about this in two years.

What have you set aside that you should not have?

Computer Stuff Can Be Invisible

It is easier to deal with things when you can see them. While computers are very useful, sometimes, they hide things.

A note attached to a fridge works quite well. The note on the fridge is in your face. If you have a notes file on your computer, you have to explicitly look at it. If you do not, you do not see it.

A local company has been running an ad on the Web that I have seen many times. It is a very nicely done ad, but it is about a winter need. Spring is nearly half over. It was too easy for them to miss this. I sent an E-mail yesterday letting them know.

Job Fairs Are Fairer

These days, it can be very difficult to get any response from a job application. Many employers only reply to those they short-list.

Last week, I attended a job fair. It was the first time in quite a while that I had the opportunity to speak to employers about employment.

It felt good to be treated as if I mattered.

I think that employers should do this more often.


Ah, spring. The snow has melted. Greenery is starting to make its appearance. Potholes in roads are exposed in all their thunking glory.

Take care when driving.


I sometimes get a bad sore throat — which I call “fire throat” — when the seasons change from winter to spring. This year was yet another case. Break out the Fisherman’s Friend. (I need enough throat cooling that I can get a sugar buzz from cough drops.)

Some time later, my voice gets rather froggy. Interestingly, this is a good sign. Oddly, my voice is quite normal when I have the sore throat; it only gets froggy when I am recovering.

Have you ever seen something that is similarly deceptive?

Some people can have what looks to be a frown on their face and be in quite a good mood. (I am one of them.)

What have you seen like this?


Are you concerned about overdoing it? Are you worried that in doing some thing that you will go too far?


Just apply Gene’s Law of Overkill.

I came up with this recently: “Gene’s Law of Overkill: First, you have to kill. Only then can you overdo it.”

So relax and just kill something[1][2].

[1] Please confine your killing to things like problems, personal bests, etc.

[2] This law has not been tested rigorously. If you end up in the Big House (a.k.a. pokey, jail, slammer, etc.) as a result, please let me know so I can make a revision[3].

[3] And please indicate whether you want partial credit for the revision.

Layered Both

Last year, I posted about that awkward season of the year: both.

My apologies for whining incompletely. I should have considered layering.

Both season means that I have to, say, wear a sweater and might have to wear a jacket or overcoat as well. Or maybe not. Where then do I put it? Dragging on the ground is too likely to be an answer.

All too often it seems that if I have the overcoat, I do not need it, and if I do not, I do.

And somehow appropriately (in my area at least), there are two (or more) both seasons per year: between winter and spring and between fall and winter.

Brick and Mortar Also Build Community

Many people do things through the Web. This can be very useful. It can save time and money. It can also short-change the local area.

A friend (Duncan) and I play board and card games at a local hobby store (High Octane Comics & Collectibles (their Facebook page). I might not have met Duncan otherwise, and he suggested another group (our next meetup) that we now both game with.

If Duncan and I were playing some on-line game, we might not have any other contact. Duncan is great for playing quite a few different games with.

Kamloops is not a large city, and it is nice to find people to game with. It is also very useful to be able to see games before purchasing them.

For the past few years, we have had had a gaming convention in Kamloops: Attack-X. This got going because of local contact. I met the head of the convention at High Octane.

High Octane and other gaming stores are very useful for meeting people. It is one reason why I give them business.

You can enjoy good company with people in your own community.

Other People’s Opinions

I am an avid reader. I buy books from a nearby (Kamloops, BC) used bookstore, Andrena’s Book Company.

I have been dealing with ABC for years. The owner, Andrena, knows my tastes and sometimes recommends books. Are her recommendations good? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Her understanding of my taste is different than mine is. If she totally matched my understanding of my taste, she would not misrecommend. On the other hand, because she does not totally match, she recommends books that I might not have looked at.

Because of her recommendations, I become aware of books that I might not have found out about otherwise. I recently purchased a trilogy, Legends of the Duskwalker by Jay Posey on her recommendation. I have not read enough of it yet to have an opinion, but so far, so good.

I have bought other books on her recommendation.

I think that this makes a good argument for listening to other people’s politely-stated views. Too often, people get caught up in their own opinions and forget that other opinions do not have to be enemy views.

What have you learned from someone else today?