Big Argument, Small Subject

Working in IT, I have run across various arguments over the best way to do things. One thing that I have noticed is that the bigger the argument, often, the smaller the subject.

How one indents one’s programming instructions is one such argument area. Some people argue to do it one way, some another. There is no argument that you need to have a good indenting scheme; the argument is exactly what that scheme should be. I have a preference myself.

Various schemes have their advantages and disadvantages. Since there is no universal standard, the arguments continue. Some people lose perspective, and these arguments can get rather vicious at times.

The important thing is to pick a standard and run with it. This is a case of agreement being more important than exactly what is agreed to. You do have to work with these people, right?

Do you argue over little things and lose your perspective? Does the point really matter that much? Consider the possibility that it does not.

I am being considered for a programming position, and they do not indent their code the way that I do. I think that getting and keeping the position is more important than what indenting scheme they use. What do you think?