Asking Questions

A manager is promoting an idea for a new computer system. Someone else is asking a lot of questions. What is the second person trying to do?

One possibility is that he is trying to nitpick the idea to death.

Another is that he works in IT.

IT projects can be quite complex. They have to fit in with existing systems and available resources, and it is the people in IT who will have to do the heavy lifting.

The manager is probably speaking in general terms. This might be enough for other people to decide to buy in or not. For a large project, it is not nearly enough for an IT person to decide to buy in. For IT, those details are important.

Note that an IT person could not try the first strategy, but usually, we do not.

But how do you tell the difference?

I suspect that this situation can occur in any area where technical and non-technical people are discussing a project. Do you have any examples?