Artistry in the Snow

On Friday afternoon, I was driving home from a counting job in Merritt, British Columbia to Kamloops. It had been snowing, and a fellow driver and I had been wondering which route to take home. He had been considering Highway 5A, because Highway 5 (the Coquihalla) is awkward in the event of trouble as there are few turnaround points.

When it came time to leave, the Coq looked fine so he decided on the Coq. I followed his lead.

Unfortunately, we should have considered other drivers. There was an accident on the Coq, and we had to stop. I went to his van and commented that 5A was looking better. We were stuck waiting for about an hour.

The artistry? Someone had managed to flip over his vehicle. Given the surroundings, I did not see how he could have flipped a car or van. I am awed somewhat that the vehicle in question was a semi.

Please drive safely. Watch out for yahoo drivers, and do not be one yourself.