Artistry in the Snow II

Last week, I mentioned someone flipping over a semi. I confessed to being somewhat awed.

Last Saturday, I managed some artistry of my own. Saturday is an excellent night for doing laundry, mainly because you, you, and you do not think that it is a good night for doing laundry. I had just finished it and was walking down the slippery, steep slope to my apartment when I got deposited hard on the ground.

My right knee and left elbow got a jolt, but somehow, my left thigh did, too, up near the hip joint. I felt the pain inside where the bone is; it was not a bruise. I was somewhat aching and lame for a couple of days.

In other news, I slipped and fell in traffic last week at a busy intersection.

This winter seems to be meaner than most. Take care, look at my example, and maybe try something else?