Are You Seeing What You Think You Are Seeing?

URLs are used quite heavily by some to point others to some interesting material. Some URLs end with a anchor. That is a specific point on the page that is to be displayed. For example, a long Webpage may be divided into four sections, and the person referring it to you may wish to point out section three (on, say, poodles).

The URL could be or something similar. If given just, you would see the start of the article. With the anchor, presumably, you would see the article displayed at the start of the section on poodles.

Unfortunately for me, I just noticed that when Firefox (version 28.0) loads a Webpage, it does not display at the anchor point but only the beginning. If I reload, the same behaviour occurs again. If I click on the address and then press [Enter], only then do I see the article positioned at the anchor point.

I wonder how many times I have given up on a Webpage referred to me, because I thought it did not have the content I wanted.